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Affordable For All Initiative

Transparency in Tuition

Beyond Tuition Assistance


Transparent Financial Aid

Farm & Wilderness is committed to make the F&W camp experience truly affordable for all families, starting with transparency in the range of rates our camper families actually pay to attend our camps. 

Starting in 2023 and continuing through 2024, we have changed the way we provide financial assistance to be more transparent and timely.

We also want to give an idea of what the campership (our term for Financial Aid!) process entails before you even register. Keep scrolling to find out more and see our Financial Aid Estimator.  

How much will camp cost?

Financial Aid Estimator

2024 Family Contribution Charts (Sibling Expansion)-2

Please note that the 2 or 3 children amount above is for families who have registered that number of their own dependent children at a Farm & Wilderness overnight camp program in the same summer, though they may attend different programs and/or sessions. Please reach out to us for any clarification!

2024 Family Contribution Charts (Day Camp)


Let's Get Going!
Step by Step

1. First things first- register your camper for camp using the register button at the top of our website! A deposit is expected to accompany registration, and we understand the amount can be a lot of money at one time, so please reach out directly to admissions (admissions@farmandwilderness.org) to set up a payment plan for your camper's registration deposit, if needed.

2. Next, complete your camper's health profile in CampDoc. The final section of the profile is the Campership information, which is where we'll gather the info needed to determine the campership amount and your expected family contribution.

3. Within two weeks of completing your camper's health profile, admissions will be in touch with your determined expected family contribution.

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Our Goal
Transparency Matters

Our camps and others like it are financially out of reach for many families--we know that. While we are always looking for ways to keep our expenses down, the fact is operating camps like ours is an expensive proposition.  

Still, we are deeply committed to having our campers and staff reflect socio-economic, racial, and ethnic diversity.  That’s been true for Farm & Wilderness since shortly after its founding in 1939 through our campership program.  

Alumni, staff, and other friends of F&W have generously supported our campership program, which has operated much like financial aid at a college or independent school—where families request a campership when they register for camp and find out weeks or even months later if they will receive a campership.  

We believe that how and when we talk about financial support to families is critical for F&W to be the welcoming and inclusive community we strive to be.  So, we are sharing more information about what a family can expect to pay for their children to attend camp—right up front and based on their annual income. 

As a result, any interested family will have a general idea about how much camp will cost for them before they register their child(ren), AND they will know exactly what they are expected to pay within days of registering their children. We know that every household has more complexity to their financial picture than just their income, so it's important to note that while a family's household income is a leading factor in how much families can expect to pay for camp, it is not the only factor. We ask a series of supporting questions in order to best get a full picture of each family's situation through the campership form. As always, our Admissions team is available to talk through any questions or concerns with families—at any stage of the registration process.  

Each family’s financial contribution to camp is based on their financial situation and ranges from a few hundred dollars to full tuition.  Between 2021 and 2023, we increased the number of campership participants by over 300%, and are so glad to be adding so many campers and their families to our circle! We expect to offer over $800,000 in financial support to families in 2024.